Top 5 ideas to make your Christmas lunch truly memorable in 2022

Top 5 ideas to make your Christmas lunch truly memorable in 2022


Christmas is getting closer, and so are the preparations. There’s a lot to handle when prepping and planning for special occasions. And when it comes to Christmas, things become extra special. But organising a party at home or meal-planning for Christmas lunch is hectic and stressful altogether. From last-minute gift shopping to cleaning the whole house, the Christmas celebration is a concoction of fun, joy and, of course, stress. But if you intend to host the Christmas day lunch at your place, prepare to devise beforehand and then hope for successful execution. 

Well, you should not worry much because we’ve got you covered. Our carefully chosen list of tips and tricks will make your Christmas lunch with family and friends memorable and enjoyable.  

Cooking vs You: Christmas lunch edition 

Cooking is a fantastic art that not everyone can conquer. But if you are the chosen one who plans to cook for the crowd, then it’s your lucky day. 

We carefully sorted out some drool-worthy recipes that are perfect for your Christmas lunch menu and will serve as a crowd-cheerer too. So it’s time to revamp your culinary skills and up your cooking game with recipes that will make up for a truly memorable lunch with family and friends. 

Here is the list of lunch dishes you can prepare at home for a grand festival feast: 

  1. John Dory Fillets: This versatile, meaty fish is an Australian favourite that can be battered or pan-fried in herbed oil and is served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and salad. 
  2. Waldorf Salad Flatbread: Craving salad and pizza together? Then this dish will satiate your hunger and hit the perfect spot. This recipe will satisfy all your cravings but in a healthy way. So, next time give your pizza a fancy makeover with this recipe to impress your party guests or to surprise your family. 
  3. Pigs in a blanket: This dish has an American variety, where hot dogs are dough wrapped and then baked. In contrast, Aussies have a different take on this dish, where the double-meat dish is made entirely of meat.  
  4. Chicken Gnocchi Soup: Want to revamp your chicken and corn soup? Then try out a chowder recipe like Chicken gnocchi soup which is warm and satisfying like a soup and equally tasty, just like a noodle soup but without the noodles. Its luxuriously creamy taste and addition of fluffy gnocchis will fulfil your soul and hunger. 
  5. Chicken Pot Pie Casserole:  If you love chicken curry pies but don’t like the crust, then this recipe is for you. It’s a classic chicken pot pie baked in a casserole and topped with biscuits for a golden brown crust. It tastes just like a pie, or tastier, minus the hassle. 
  6. Lamb leg roast: A classic dish that never fails. Roasting an expensive cut of meat requires precision, as overdoing it may dry out the juices. But with a bit of practice, you, too, can master the art of roasting meat. 

Steps to assemble a memorable Christmas lunch 

Hosting a Christmas lunch at home may overburden you with responsibilities and trouble. But before you quit the battleground, here are some handy tips you can follow before throwing a Christmas lunch party at your house. 

  • Advance Planning: Precision planning is your greatest weapon to get through Christmas Day lunch and its celebration. Make a menu plan and a grocery list in advance, and don’t leave things until the last minute. Food shopping during Christmas is absolute chaos if you wait till the last moment. Try buying all your exquisite seafood and meat to ensure you don’t miss any offers. 
  • Stop being a perfectionist: If you always run after perfection, it’s time to stop doing that. Instead of taking all the responsibilities on your shoulder, try planning for things a little less precisely. Always remember that you are preparing for a home get-together, not a professional client meeting. If the food is simple or the gifts are inexpensive, it does not matter as long as you enjoy it with your close friends and loved ones. 
  • Divide your work into sections: Just because you planned a Christmas party at home doesn’t mean you have to shower in responsibilities alone. Try dividing your duties into smaller parts and ask your family members to choose their roles according to their abilities. You know what, that’s the advantage of having a large family where each member is always willing to help you out. So, cut down your worries and make your Christmas party momentous. 
  • Book a restaurant instead: If it’s hectic to plan a festive get-together at home, try booking a private dining room in a restaurant. Many restaurants in Perth city, like Fraser’s restaurant, offer private dining rooms for a family get-together during Christmas or other occasions. They also provide special arrangements during Christmas, like their special menu, Fraser’s Christmas lunch 2022, which offers various delicacies to enjoy during Christmas. 
  •  Make Christmas Eve your trump card:  On Christmas Eve, try to complete as many tasks as possible so that you stay free on Christmas Day. Clean up the house, and the refrigerator, keep all the food items handy and make a meal plan in advance. If you plan to use your swimming pool, clean it up, blow up all the toys, and keep sunscreen and ice slushies handy. Want to enjoy a tasty lamb leg roast on Christmas day? Then prep everything up on the previous day, like marinating it overnight, clean your barbecue station and the grills, and stock up on some apple wood. And finally, you are ready for your ultimate Christmas lunch. 

Christmas is all about celebration 

Whether you plan a house party or book a restaurant for your Christmas lunch, always remember to enjoy your heart out with your loved ones and close friends, and your Christmas day will be memorable automatically. In Perth restaurants offer various options during festivals, especially Christmas, so there is no need to worry about last-minute plans because places like Fraser’s restaurants have you covered.  

So chill out and make the most of your Christmas holiday. Help the needy, spread love to the helpless, and try to spend as much time as possible with your family and close friends.