How does having a meeting at restaurants helps improve communication?

Some create their own meeting rooms in the offices or some have it in a casual environment. But only few arrange the meetings or catch-ups in restaurants, what makes these meetings exceptional?

let’s find out! 

How does having a meeting at restaurants helps improve communication?


Meetings at Restaurants

Meetings are important! What makes those meetings interesting, informative, enjoyable, and comfortable?  It’s not always the Boss of course – it’s the place where the meeting is conducted.  

Depending on who you are meeting and the context of the meeting, venues for the get-togethers are decided. However, for formal and important meetings it is expected to be held in an office or boardroom. For less formal meetings with fine dining in Perth, many people meet at a coffee shop or cafe. Australians love their coffee so make sure it is good! 

What is the purpose? 

The purpose of an informal meeting at restaurants is to discuss issues that would not have an appropriate place in a formal meeting. They may be designed to make one of the participants feel more at ease and free to speak their mind than they would in a more formal setting. They allow participants to meet with a greater degree of spontaneity and flexibility.
Informal meetings can help to further the organizational goals of a company or organization by allowing participants to share thoughts and ideas which may not be fully developed yet, and therefore may be an unsuitable topic for discussion at a formal meeting. They are able to discuss these ideas before formally presenting them.
Also, if we talk in terms of a hiring process, an informal venue enables the interviewer to assess softer personality traits of the candidate when he is less guarded, such as how does he socially interact — which could even be with the waiter at the restaurant — how he eats, his body language, tone, the car he drives. 

How are meetings in Cafes/Restaurants helpful? 

Asking for a coffee meeting is quite easy and, in most cases, quite difficult to turn down. In coffee meetings, people converse; because there is no formality, this makes it appealing to many. A conversation is democratic, no single person holds the big stick; individuals are free to dialogue and express the real project issues or roadblocks. A conversation also gives people room to be creative and allows them to focus on issues that cannot be resolved in a conference room.
A productive creative conversation takes place in a friendly place, such as a coffee shop. The benefits of the coffee meeting cannot be emphasized enough. This may sound surprising but there are actually fewer distractions than in quiet offices and boardrooms as they tend to be quite monotonous. 

What are the best Cafés/Restaurants for an informal meeting in Perth? 

For a while now, Perth restaurants have been brewing steadily growing business meetings in a Café culture now very much brimming throughout the city also well known for private dining.
While it may not have the laneways of Perth has just as many unique, cool and comfortable places to have your morning business cuppa. 

Blue Water Bistro 

Bluewater is without a doubt one of Perth’s most epic riverside venues. Set on the pristine Applecross foreshore, up high in the manicured grounds of the gorgeous Heathcote Centre complex, Bluewater is a heritage-listed building mere metres away from the gorgeous Swan River. Its superb vantage point boasts truly spectacular, uninterrupted views of Perth City, The Swan River and The South of Perth Yacht Club. The function centre and Private Dining Room are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. 

The Botanical café

The Botanical Café is a hidden gem cafe in King’s Park, where usually people have their favourite freshly brewed coffees and some light breakfast like pancakes, scones and pastries for breakfast. Fraser’s Botanical café has seen some of the people drop by for a coffee after their morning exercise or breezy stroll walk along the park. It’s beautifully designed and has a cozy ambience! 

Fraser’s Restaurant 

Fraser’s dining, decent food: great coffee – but that’s not the reason you come here. 

Going to Fraser’s restaurant in Perth is a good option if you want to have a quick hassle-free business meeting over breakfast (best breakfast in Perth). Not only does The Fraser’s Café in Kings Park provide a quality food with one of the best Fraser’s café menu, staff remember you by name and any specialty needs should you come back another day. Oh, and the best ambience, so that’s a bonus. You probably have a visit to King’s Park on your bucket list. This upmarket venue is based right in the central point of King’s Park with views directly outwards onto the Anzac Memorial overlooking the Swan River, South Perth, Elizabeth Quay and the CBD.  

A word! 

The power of a coffee is far more than the instant kick of an espresso, latte or cappuccino. It is the quality of results discussed and attained during the meeting that simply cannot be replaced by a boardroom or other formal meetings, and what’s better that cafe in Perth?