How to follow a healthy diet in 2022

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How to follow a healthy diet in 2022


Winter brings with it December, the month of mega festivities, which discreetly carry immense food opportunities in the name of holiday cheer. And of course, we indulge because it is food, and what does life even mean without good food?! Healthy diet and Perth seem like distant friends in those holiday months. But then the new year walks in steadily with its ‘new year, new you’ mantra, and we find ourselves google searching “fast ways of losing weight”.
Now, losing weight is not a bad thing, it’s always a good idea to become healthy, but fast? No, that’s where it all starts to fall apart. Our bodies only react to what we do, and if we force our bodies to do things against its natural rhythm, we are going to crash, physically and mentally.   

So, let’s cut through the crash dieting crap and start this year on a healthy note, shall we? 

Start small   

It’s the all-or-nothing mindset that ruins all our January plans by the time February even peeks in. So instead of doing it all at once, start small, set smaller goals in the interim while pursuing your larger goal. You can even keep a journal with tiny steps and give yourself sticker rewards to help yourself get motivated.   

It is very important to remember not to let a few setbacks throw you off your path; you’re only human, so you will need to be compassionate with yourself, and little by little, you will notice that these small steps have added up to a big result that will manifest into a big smile on your face!   


Go Green (not with envy)  

With your food choices. Make a list of all the green things you like to eat cause, let’s be honest here, broccoli isn’t really at the top of the list of things you love to eat. This list will help you identify which foods you can incorporate into your diet realistically and consistently.   

Leafy greens are not only less in calories, but they also improve brain function and reduce the risk of diabetes since they are loaded with immunity-boosting beta carotene, Vitamin K and magnesium, along with other antioxidants.   


Addition is important   

Giving up food is not a good idea when it comes to being healthy; rather than sacrificing joy and mental peace, add more produce to your diet for health-protective benefits and, of course, diversity in flavour. This method of adding more produce into your diet can very quickly get monotonous or annoying if you do not give yourself specific goals and leeways in case you do not manage to reach them.   

For example – you could choose to include one vegetable of your choice in your breakfast every morning, like baked sweet potato with eggs or a vegetable smoothie with your breakfast. This ensures variety and consistency simultaneously. And new things to try!   


Go nuts   

A little like squirrels, but in moderation since you’re not storing for the winter. Now, we’re sure you’ve read all about it, and you also probably know all about the ‘good fat’ in the nuts, but we’re here to remind you anyway since we decided to go all the way up the healthy food mountain!   

Did you know nuts are considered superfoods? They contain fibre, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that keep you healthy physically and mentally. Some of the nuts that you can easily incorporate into your diet are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts and cashew nuts. You can also make a little mixtape of these lil nutty heroes and keep it with you in case you want to snack lightly in between your zoom calls.   


Fruit juice or juicy veggies?   

A wise human once said, ‘eat your fruits and juice your vegetables’. There’s no trace of this wise human on the world wide web, but there have been echoes of this mantra pretty much everywhere. Since it’s so popular, let’s see what the ‘protagonists’ have to say for themselves,   


Fruit“My fibre gets eliminated when you juice me, maybe just bite softly and eat?”  

Vegetable“A lot of my water content gets lost during the cooking process, so juicing essentially retains my h2o.”   

Fruit“Juicing can create heat from the juicer, which decreases my nutritional value, not a fan!”  

Vegetable “Juicing helps me get absorbed into your body sooner; I heard you like detox?”  

Fruit “I don’t relieve and tell, but my fibre might relieve you of constipation. No lol here, I’m serious.”   

Vegetable“You can incorporate more of me in your diet if you juice me.”   

As you can see, both parties have very calmly established their respective benefits so we would most probably recommend you to listen to them since they seem to know themselves pretty well.  


Portion control be thy friend   

Portion control is very important when you are trying to lean into a healthy lifestyle since everything in moderation is just the perfect icing on the cake. Breakfast is important, so it is imperative that you pay attention to healthy breakfast options and adding a good volume of veggies and protein into your first meal of the day. Lunch should ideally be lighter in calories but should fill you up considerably, so a broth-based soup or a tofu salad or something similar is perfecto! Dinner is the last meal of the day, but it also impacts your sleep, so ‘dinner ideas healthy’ is a good place to start on the search bar while brainstorming for recipes. Vegetables, fruit and whole grains should definitely be on that plate before you hit that sweet sweet dreamscape on your comfy bed.    

Vegetarians, we haven’t forgotten you 

Meat is not an option for vegetarians. While it seems like half of the world is feasting on animal food, you feel a little left out with the options on your plate. But veggies are awesome, so you’re not really missing out on anything.  

We also know that somedays can feel overwhelming and you might not want to cook anything for yourself, that’s where the best vegan restaurant comes to the rescue. Try Fraser’s vegan menu to give your palate a pleasant surprise.  

Dieting is ‘no joke’

There are heaps of memes out there about ‘you are what you eat’, but following a healthy diet amidst this crazy rush of life is no joke. What you put inside of your body has an immense effect on how you behave and think in certain cases. Jean-Anthelme (a French gastronome) once said, ‘Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are’. Dieting should not feel like throwing a pizza at the wall and seeing what sticks; it should feel more like kindly ignoring the pizza for six days a week then kindly inviting the pizza to your house on the seventh day and eating it without guilt because it’s okay to have pizza or any fast food once in a while. The problem arises when that becomes a lifestyle, and you have no control over what you put inside your body.   

In conclusion, let 2022 be the year where you treat food as a gateway to feeling good about yourself, not something you punish or reward yourself with. Wishing you a year full of great flavours and great nutrition (maybe on some days at the top restaurant in Perth)! Xoxo.   

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